Enhance Mind Performance
with Alan Mantle

Enhance Mind Performance provides mind enhancement skills and training for teams & individuals wanting to perform at the highest level.

Alan has provided Sport Psychology Services to many Sports Clubs and Organisations including N.R.L, A.R.L, Canterbury Bulldogs NRL Club, Cricket NSW players, Cricket NSW Coach Support Unit, Cricket NSW and Australia Umpires, Cricket Victoria, Cricket Tasmania and international cricket players from Australia, India, England, Sri Lanka and Vanuatu. He has also assisted The Australian Ice Skating Team, a World Champion wakeboard rider, a World Champion pistol shooter and recently the NSW Police Force.

Alan Mantle's qualifications include: BAppSc (Performance Psych) M.A.(Sport Psych), PsyD (Applied Sport Psychology), Sports Hypnosis, Dip in Sport Psychology, Australian Sports Commission level 2 coach (cricket)

With the competitive nature of performance in todays society, mental skill training can and will be a great asset to anyone prepared to look at ways to improve their mental approach to their performance.

Like any physical skill, mind performance skills need to be practiced and refined to suit your individual needs.

Alan can be contacted at: alanm@enhancemind.com.au OR phone 0419 997 585

"if you believe you will achieve"

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